Whether you like long chunky necklaces, short delicate pieces, unique accessories or art objects for your home, you'll enjoy the treasure hunt here at myFandangle. I've just added my Steampunk assemblage towers!
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Ellen Rundle has been an artist her whole life. She started creating arts and crafts as a child at home, studied fine art and painting in college and enjoyed a 26-year career as an art director/designer for ad agencies, design firms and freelance accounts in Los Angeles. As her friends and family began buying her artwork for themselves or as gifts, it became apparent that her addiction to clay and beads could be turned into an artistic asset!

What you will find on myFandangle are affordable, designer necklaces and one-of-a-kind pieces of ceramic art to display in your home to reflect your own artistic flair. Each item has its own personality and has been designed with creativity and character.


Take a moment to IMAGINE all the outfits you have and how you can add some fun with a new necklace or brooch.

chain and bead necklaces

Some necklaces have more chain and metal pendants than beads; I call them CHAIN AND METAL HANDMADE NECKLACES.

bead mix necklaces

The pieces that have more beads are called HAND BEADED NECKLACES. (Sometimes the distinction is small.)

tibetan pendant necklaces

I have a large collection of TIBETAN PENDANTS, which make for particularly unique compositions.

steampunk and industrial look necklaces

The latest craze is the INDUSTRIAL look, and the STEAMPUNK genre is also finding its way into my jewelry.

pendants on chain

Some ornamental PENDANTS should just be left to stand alone on a simple chain. You'll find all kinds here.

brooch shaped like bow

I love to collect ACCESSORIES. I have a specific taste in purses, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and trinket boxes, so I hope you'll appreciate the fun items in the Accessories area of the site.

ceramic artwork

I have chosen to include some of my smaller, shipping-friendly CERAMIC PIECES. See About the Artist to learn more about larger scale clay works.

steampunk assemblage tower in ceramic and mixed media; giant squid with Nautilus

My Steampunk Assemblage towers and now online under the CERAMICS area.