Accessories - Brooches

Most of my brooches are vintage. Some may be reproductions of vintage pins but I do my best to be honest about the age, somethimes its hard to tell. I love wearing these unusual brooches, they really make you a unique fashion statement.

black and white elephant

Black and white enameled elephant; vintage brooch.

Silver lizard with rhinestones, vintage brooch

Silver lizard with rhinestones, vintage brooch.

silver lizard brooch

Black sparkly stones on this brooch with color accents.

Vintage gray elephant brooch

Vintage gray elephant brooch with interesting textures.

Bold strawberry brooch in leather

Bold strawberry brooch in red and green leather with studs.

vintage rhinestone clip.

Vintage rhinestone clip.

Red seed bead cluster pin.

Red seed bead cluster fashion pin.

Vintage purple and black brooch with enamel and rhinestones

Vintage purple and black brooch with enamel and rhinestones.

lizard with rhinestones; vintage brooch

Gold lizard with rhinestones; vintage brooch.

Victorian-style red star

Victorian-style red star.

gold pipe brooch

Gold metal pipe with chains. A very unique vintage piece.

red hat pin

Statement red enamel vintage brooch of lady's hat.