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Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I enjoyed continuing my clay work and getting a bit caught up on my own website: My big focus for the next coming months must be SEO and mobile web. Search Engine Optimization helps a site rank higher in search engine returns like Google. Its really a moving target since Google frequently changes their minds about what merits a higher rank. I am starting to add more "landing pages" to the site, I used to call these gateway or table-of-contents pages. Here I can add verbiage that contains the all-important keywords. Fortunately, a friend from school has worked PT for an agency that specializes in SEO so I'm getting some good tips.

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Speaking of North Valley Occupational Center, I finally received the final certificate for Web Design because I completed the last assignment: making a portfolio. Since I'm not really looking for tons of new business (but always open to a client with the right fit), this website became more of a legacy to my long career as an art director/designer. I included many old samples and did not try to hide my "veteran status". I think its interesting to see what photographers could do "in camera" before Photoshop was around. And what we designers and production artists had to do with Exacto knives and rubber cement is a skill I miss using! I've included a few "comps" too just to show the creative process. At this point I intend on throwing away cupboards full of catalogs, brochures and other print samples taking up valuable space in my home! /p>

I continue to work on sites for Ventura Yoga Studio and Enzo Caserta Landscaping. My son, Anton, and I are getting ready to produce photo galleries on his site which promise to be spectacular since many of the shots were done by top crews over a period of a few days at these larger mansions after their completion.

The Allure of Water

The next show at Galeria Gitana will have its opening reception January 24, 6-10pm. Its an opportunity for me to show my abstract works in clay. I love recyclying my material and taking it from liquid slip back to usable clay. Its not great for throwing fine tableware, but its great for my thick cactus sculptures and my "mudpies." The gallery is located at 120 N Maclay Ave, San Fernando, CA 91340 • (818) 898-7708

The Allure of Water show at Galeria Gitana

ceramic sculpture with spores and colored melted glass
ceramic sculpture wall hanging with melted glass

Completion of Mural Repair in North Hills

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