Accessories - Trinket Boxes

Who knows what it is about cute little trinket boxes, but I love to collect them. There are some that just speak to me and fit my brand. Each one ships with a surprise freebie inside!

teapot ladies in ceramic,box

Stylized ladies atop a ceramic teapot hinged box.

polymer box, pink hat with roses

Whimsical pink hat box with roses inside. Made of polymer.

blue porcelain boy with ducks box

Blue boy with ducks sits on this trinket box. Cobalt blue and white porcelain in the style of Lladro.

cute black ceramic eyeshadow box

Very fun black porcelain box with "eyeshadow" interior.

girl in medow with flowers box

Sweet flower girl in her garden; a resin latched trinket box. Great gift for a young girl.

pink porcelain keepsake box with picture frame

Lovely pink porcelain heart box with frame for a photograph and room for a small keepsake.