Ceramic Garden Sculpture

These cactii and pumpkins look great indoors too, but the hi-fired stoneware clay does make them impervious to weather conditions and they will last a lifetime. Sometimes I study an existing type of plant and add some special whimsey, other times I just make what comes to mind!

stoneware cactus with red flowers

Cactus in dark green with pinched sides and red flowers. Hi-fired stoneware.

stoneware cactus with white flowers

Cactus in medium green with white flowers. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

pair of stoneware cactii with purple flower buds

Pair of dark green cactus with purple flower buds. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

cornucopia, ceramic art

Pod-like garden stakes addinterest to your planter. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

small vase in teal

Turquoise garden stakes. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

ceramic art for garden, red mushroom

Spotted Red Mushroom. Hi-fired stoneware garden decor.

whimsical ceramic pumkins in various sizes or set

Whimsical pumpkins in natural colors. Sold as set of 3 or individualy as small, medium or large. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

ceramic cactus with yellow flowers

Small cactus in dark green with yellow flowers. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.
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