by ellen rundle design

Sculptural Ceramic Wall Hangings

One of my favorite clay formats is in the shadow box, or niche box (wall-hanging). I have called my line "storyboxes" because they are narrative, each one has a story to tell. Sometimes a simple plaque will do, which can sit nicely in an easel.

Grotto of prayers and offerings ceramics

Grotto of Prayers and Offerings in stoneware and mixed media. An Italian sacred custom, this art works as a pedestal piece too.

Sculptual representation of Italian Delicatessen

Story box (shadowbox) of Italian Delicatessen. Hi-fired stoneware, different clay bodies for sculptural elements.

California aligator lizard in stoneware wall hanging

California Aligator Lizard in Wall Niche. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

Bob's Big boy

Bob's Big Boy Statuette.
Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

bird of Paradise ceramic wall art

Bird of Paradise Plaque.
Hi-fired stoneware for wall or easel. SOLD (will make to order)

magnolia tree flower and seed pod in clay plaque

Magnolia Plaque with white flower and seed pod. Hi-fired stoneware for wall or easel.I have sold two of these, third one in stock is very similar.

opossum family clay wall hanging, niche box

Family of Opossums with Eucalyptus leaves and flower. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD (will make to order)

ceramic ravens interacting niche box

Two sculptural ravens interact over tree. A powerful and mysterious animal. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

fig fruit with leaves in niche box

The First Fig - Huge fig tree leaves set off the opened fruit sitting in niche. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

storybox with cake and wedding floral imagery

Shadow box (storybox) with wedding cake and an elegant selection of symbolic charms in mixed media.

vintage bath with miniature details in clay

Vintage Bath with miniature details in hi-fired stoneware and mixed media.

african animal menagerie in niche boxes

My Fathers' Kingdom - Menagerie of African animals, inspired by my Dad's many travels and photographs. Hi-fired stoneware storybox triptych.