Sculptural Ceramic Wall Hangings

One of my favorite clay formats is in the shadow box, or niche box (wall-hanging). I have called my line "storyboxes" because they are narrative, each one has a story to tell. Sometimes a simple plaque will do, which can sit nicely in an easel.

California aligatorlizard in stoneware wall hanging

California Aligator Lizard in Wall Niche. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

Bob's Big boy

Bob's Big Boy Statuette.
Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Plaque.
Hi-fired stoneware for wall or easel. SOLD

magnolia tree flower and seed pod in clay

Magnolia Plaque with white flower and seed pod. Hi-fired stoneware for wall or easel. SOLD

opossum family clay storybox

Family of Opossums with Eucalyptus leaves and flower. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

converse hi-top sneakers in brick wall niche

Pounding the Pavement - red Converse hi-tops on brick wall. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

coral statue in niche box

Coral Statuettes in textured stoneware niche box. Hi-fired stoneware storybox

ceramic ravens interacting niche box

Two sculptural ravens interact over tree. A powerful and mysterious animal. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

fig fruit with leaves in niche box

The First Fig - Huge fig tree leaves set off the opened fruit sitting in niche. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. SOLD

hummingbird with nest and ivy leaves

Hummingbird with Nest - Ivy strands decorate the niche box. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

scene of sheep grazing on hillside

Sheep Grazing on Hillside.
Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

tide pool mud pie art

Tide Pool - Abstract art with clay and melted glass. Hi-fired stoneware wall sculpture.
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