by ellen rundle design

Ceramic Art - Sculptural Pedestal Pieces

Three kinds of Toucans

Three colorful toucans roosting on branch. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

treasure chest

Treasure chest with crushed glass inset tiles. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

large pomegranate with opened fruit

Giangantic pomegranate, a fruit that has unique folklore and spiritual significance in many cultures. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

iconic skull atop a stack of dark novels

Icon scupture of raven sitting on a skull which is atop a collection of famous dark literature. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

stoneware castle bird house

Bird House Castle. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.NFS

ultra large magnolia seed pod sculpture

Magnolia Seed Pod. A giant-sized version of this lovely natural sculpture. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture. SOLD

ceramic art, tall vase with art deco plaque

Tall Vase with Art Deco Plaque. Useful for tall arrangements. Hi-fired stoneware pottery.

stoneware oak tile with easel

Oak tile with easel. A lovely art piece to sit among your photo treasures. Hi-fired stoneware.

red and orange porcelain peppers

Life-size red and orange bell peppers. A nice addition to your fall table dressing. Hi-fired porcelain sculpture.

sculptural set of three garlics

Set of 3 Garlics. Hi-fired ceramic sculptural table decor. SOLD

sculpture of colorful rooster

Hi-fired ceramic sculpture of colorful rooster. SOLD

stoneware saguaro cactus

Saguaro Cactus with American screech owl. Hi-fired stoneware. SOLD

stoneware chalice with serpent

Stoneware chalice with serpent: Garden of Eden. SOLD

fossil -like sculpture of chambered nautilus

The chambered nautilus hasn't changed in millions of years! Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.

Italian shrine, tuscany

Italian shrine, many of these types of structures are seen along the Tuscan countryside.. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture.