Ceramic Art - Pedestal Pieces

stoneware castle bird house

Bird House Castle. Hi-fired stoneware Sculpture.

stoneware platter decorated with ivy

Ivy Platter. Great for parties or whenever you want toshow off! Hi-fired stoneware pottery. Make to order.

ultra large magnolia seed pod sculpture

Magnolia Seed Pod. A giant-sized version of this lovely natural sculpture. Hi-fired stoneware sculpture. SOLD

ceramic art, tall vase with art deco plaque

Tall Vase with Art Deco Plaque. Useful for tall arrangements. Hi-fired stoneware pottery.

tall vase with abstract motif, ceramic art

Tall Vase with Organic Motif. Useful for tall arrangements. Hi-fired stoneware pottery.

Partridge in Pear Holiday clay decoration

Partridge in a Pear; a Christmas decoration (or anytime!) Hi-fired stoneware sculpture. SOLD

footed stoneware dish with leopard skin design

Footed Plate with Leopard Design. Cheese and crackers..candy or just by itself! Hi-fired stoneware tableware.

stoneware oak tile with easel

Oak tile with easel. A lovely art piece to sit among your photo treasures. Hi-fired stoneware.

red and orange porcelain peppers

Life-size red and orange bell peppers. A nice addition to your fall table dressing. Hi-fired porcelain sculpture.

gothic style cabinet with metal charms and mosaic door

Gothic themed cabinet with mosaic door featuring bird and eggs with dangling symbols. SOLD

sculptural set of three garlics

Set of 3 Garlics. Hi-fired ceramic sculptural table decor. SOLD