Funky Earring Collection

red dangles on silver triangles earrings

Splashy silver and red dangles. Faceted beads and high quality metal work.

blue bead woven earrings

These blue woven bead squares go especially great with denim! Light and comfortable to wear.

gold resin star scene earrings

These resin filled star gazing scenes are mystical and very unique in a popular amber color.

red dangle small peppers earrings

Spice up your life today with these hot pepper earrings. A touch of Latino makes for a fun outfit!

sterling silver enamel moon earrings

I love these sterling silver earrings with teal enamel work. The moon and stars…what’s in your future?

bohemian enamelled metal half circle earrings

Ethnic and earthy, these bohemian enameled metal half circles with charms have a rustic appeal.SOLD

artistic enamel squares with sterling silver dangle earrings

These could qualify as vintage…I bought them on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in the 70s. They still stand out with a purple flair.

earth tone inlaid wood rectangle earrings

These earrings are unique because the designs are inlaid wood. Lightweight and sophisticated and go with all your earth-colored styles.

black and white checkered with faces earrings

These unique earrings are made from intricate layers of polymer clay and baked in the oven. A real expert crafted these!

amber studded rectangles with amber bead accent earrings

Elegant amber studded rectangles with faceted amber crystal dangles. Great for dressy occasions.SOLD

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