by ellen rundle design

Sculptural Ceramic Wall Hangings 2

goddess persephone's gifts

Goddess Persephone's Gifts to the Underworld. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

urban street feel with fire hydrant and grafitti

An urban scene of block walls, grafitti and a fire hydrant. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

ceramic merry go round

Carousel at Santa Monica Pier. Hi-fired stoneware storybox. Wonderful for a child's room.

stoneware niche boxes with nature's seeds

Seed Treasures include magnolia,lotus and box tree. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

lily pond with dragonfly

A red dragonfly hovers over a lily pond with lotus flowers and and pads. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

50s style burger joint

50's Diner with stool, records, and sundaes. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

ancient date tree

Ancient Duom Palm (date tree) Hi-fired stoneware storybox

ancient hoopoe bird

Ancient Hoopoe Bird feeds hatchings. Hi-fired stoneware storybox.

stoneware box depicts evening at Joshua Tree with gorgeous plant and rocky desert environment

Evening at Joshua Tree with gorgeous plant and rocky desert environment. Hi-fired stoneware wall art. SOLD

red ristra of peppers with beads and chain

Red pepper ristra strung with beads and chain.SOLD

stoneware pepper ristra

Green pepper ristra strung with jute and bead strand. SOLD