by ellen rundle design

Handmade Beaded Necklaces

Designer beaded jewelry, handcrafted and made with an assortment of natural stones, glass beads,
metal chain and unique pendants.

designer necklace with pendant map of Paris.

Festive pendant map of Paris hung on two strands of bead highlights and semi-precious stones.

designer necklace with olive ceramic pendant

Unique olive green ceramic pendant with bead trails and pearl-like beads on a complimentary strand.

designer necklace with agate with blue and violet crystal

A beautiful piece of agate embedded with blue and violet crystal attached to a strand of glass beads of complimentary colors.

designer necklace with hipster dragonfly, bronze accents and black beads

Handcrafted beaded necklace featuring a hipster dragonfly, dart accents and bronze colored spacers…set off with plenty of black

designer necklace with quality charms of animals and beads

Elephant, padlock, fleur-de-lis and agate necklace charms dangle from a strand of faceted glass beads.

designer necklace with pink and teal resin pendant

Iridescent pink and teal resin pendant with accent beads for a cool look necklace.

designer necklace with metal leaf pendant with branch and 		crystals

Metal leaf pendant with branch hangs nicely from this double strand of crystal and earth-tone beads.

designer necklace with red crystals and fire beads

Red crystals with fire polished beads set off a beautiful Venetian glass heart pendant.

designer beaded necklace with purple and clear glass beads

Purple and clear glass beads in varied shapes surround a delicate amethyst butterfly.

designer beaded necklace with brown agate foot charm

Funky brown agate foot charm on a strand of semi-precious beads.

designer beaded necklace with blue and amber beads with blue glass

Fanciful metal fish pendant with blue crystals on a beaded necklace of crytals and cone spacers.

designer beaded necklace with Queen's Head in Silver Spoon

Victorian punk! This unique necklace features a doll-like Queen's head set in the bowl of a silver spoon!