by ellen rundle design

Fun and Funky Rings I've Collected

ring has scene from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland print embedded in resin. SOLD

gold-plated ring with elephant design

Gold-plated elegant ring with rhinestone crystals and green sparkle.

onyx ring with enamel design

Very unusual ring with hand-painted turquoise and black enamel. SOLD

beautiful green mini crystals with silver moons and stars

Magical and Mystical; green crystals fill this polished setting with silver moons and stars.

sterling silver ringwith colored enamels

Sterling silver ring with geometrical shapes of pastel colored agate inlays. A hint of merkasette too.

sterling ring with green mother of pearl

Sterling silver ring with spectacular section of irridescent Mother-of-Pearl.

sterling and cubic zirconium

Sterling silver ring with large cubic zirconium pear cut stone.

white mother of pearl in sterling silver ring

Victorian style, lacy sterling silver setting with lovely white Mother-of-Pearl.

spherical ring flashes all colors of rainbow

Mesmerizing sphere with a/b cut allowing light to change its color with every angle.

bronze band ring with snake in crystals

Bronze colored metal base with snake design in crystals, Hip with elastic band.